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Since 2005, Roem van Yerseke owns its own shellfish hatchery. In the early phases, research to cultivate mussel seeds has been conducted.  Over the last years, the focus has been on cultivating Japanese oysters, flat oysters and different species of clams.

In our first and only shellfish hatchery in the Netherlands, shellfish larvae are grown under controlled circumstances up to spat of just a few mm’s big. As soon as reach this size the spat is transferred to one of our nursery fascilities where they grow up to the size we want (1-3cm). These so called seeds form the basis for the grow out in oysterbags/baskets or bottom culture.

The Oyster herpes virus causes high moratlities among Japanese Oysters all over Europe. It therefore is a great threat to the oyster business. The shellfisch hatcerhy of Roem van Yerseke breeds Japanese Oysters which are less vulnerable for this virus since 2013. These seeds have a higher survival rate, compared to wild oyster seeds, which results in a higer efficiency during the grow-out process.